I.S.D.D. plus, s.r.o.
We are a software house providing complex services in the field of information technologies. We build effective, scalable and secure solutions, powered by the most advanced technologies available.
With Us, Everything Fits Together
We are successful integrator of complex solutions for Telecom. From design to long-term support, we coordinate your requirements and deliver precisely tailored solutions.
Work and Fun
We maintain a long-term positive family atmosphere. As an employee, you can get involved in various corporate events and activities, such as football, running, hiking, and even electronic “sports”.


We have over 15 years of experience in large telecom projects. Our specialized teams are able to develop even the most demanding solutions.

Financial sector

In addition to the custom software development, including mobile applications, we also supply data warehousing, business intelligence and solutions for business processes.

Public Sector

Our experts are involved in project management, architecture assessment and consultation of IT projects for public administration.

Intelligent Systems

We have the knowledge to supply specialized solutions for deployment of intelligent systems using complex data analysis.