Message2Business Gateway


  • Transforms subscriber originated messages into a business process to perform specific selfcare operation and notifies subscriber about a result of the processing (service activation/deactivation, service usage, credit recharge, credit transfer, etc.).
  • Configurable message-2-business flow
  • Supports SMS/IVR/USSD/SOAP message adapters (fully customizable per provider)


  • Reducing costs and time
  • Integration of new message adapter (channel) into the system
  • Extension of set of business processes
  • Main goal of the Message2Business Gateway (M2B GTW) is to provide mechanism to receive subscriber originated messages via different messaging channels (SMS, IVR, USSD, …) as a requests for the specific functionality (e.g. credit charge, credit transfer, product activation, etc.).
  • M2B GTW identifies requests based on received message/command and performs necessary business operation on BSS side.
  • Subscriber is informed about result of the request processing via the same input channel, or via SMS
  • M2B GTW also provides SOAP interface for sending SMS / e-mail messages
  • Application provides both synchronous or asynchronous request processing mechanisms.
  • M2B GTW provides GUI for configuration management and business log
  • Configuration and application data are stored in the Oracle DB.


  • Interact directly with OSS
  • Provide request validation, preprocessing and transformation into business operation request
  • Synchronous adapters – IVR / USSD – via MML
  • Asynchronous adapters – SMS – via SMPP, SOAP
  • Internal queues
  • JMS based persistent queues

BSS client

  • Interacts with BSS to provide necessary functionality for request processing
    performs business operations on BSS side

DB / SMTP client

  • Covers communication with the DB and SMTP server (outgoing emails)

Single access point for different services

  • Interact directly with OSS
  • Supported are synchronous ( e.g. IVR, USSD ) and asynchronous adapters ( e.g. SMPP, SOAP )
  • Easy way to add new custom adapters ( e.g. REST, etc. )

Single access point for sending SMS / e-mails to subscribers


  • Easy way to integrate new custom adapters
  • Easy way to integrate new business processes
  • Possible to integrate multiple instances of the M2B GTW into a JBoss cluster (using one or multiple virtual machines)

Load balancing

  • Supports internal load balancing, internal queues are clustered and shared between M2B GTW instances
  • Requests are processed by any live M2B GTW instance