SMS Gateway


  • Integrated solution for SMS interconnect mobile operators and 3rd party companies
  • Built on modern technologies
  • Robust, highly scalable

Benefits for 3rd party companies

  • connected to SMS&MMS infrastructure of GSM provider
  • connected to Billing infrastructure of GSM provider
  • ability to provide their own SMS business services

Benefits for GSM operator

  • Better business usage efficiency of core network (SMS&MMS centre)
  • New revenue for GSM provider (revenue share model)
  • Effective outsource of SMS services to 3rd party companies


  • Receiving MO SMS/MMS from OSS system / Core network
  • Receiving MT SMS/MMS from 3rd party
  • Processing MT billing connecting to billing system (e.g. CDR generating)
  • Generating revenue share information
  • History Tool
  • Business checks (prepaid credit, blacklist etc…)


  • C++ binary file (fast&portable)
  • DB Oracle (configuration, history….)
  • CIP – control interface for application administrator
  • Common SMS/MMS protocols implementation (SMPP, EAIF, UCP….
  • Propietary SMS/MMS protocols (GDEP….)